Comox & Cardero
Vancouver, BC

PROJECT VALUE | $2 million     PROJECT SIZE | 5624 square feet

PROJECT SCOPE | The two homes at Comox and Cardero were in poor condition, serving as rooming houses with a number of small units built into each house.  The homes were barely habitable, with cracked foundations, exit stairs which did not fit the original look and feel of the homes, as well as exterior cladding that was water damaged, poorly painted and incorporated no landscaping.  The firm decided to keep the existing buildings and enhance their heritage character and contribute to the historical enclave because heritage homes carry unforgettable memories which are not replaceable.

UNIQUE FEATURES | The houses were raised, new foundations were built and the homes were then dropped back down. The original exterior cladding, severely damaged due to water ingress, was replaced with Hardie-plank in a type similar to the existing cladding to maintain the original character. This upgrade also solved outstanding and challenging thermal envelope and insulation issues. The windows were also replaced but the original style was replicated to keep as true as possible to the look and feel of the property. Inside, the homes were completely remodelled to create a total of five suites in the two homes instead of the existing honeycomb of rooms that were historically used as rooming homes.