FNDA’s Rosebery Residence to be featured on “Modern Homes Tour”

For the past 5 years, Modern Homes Tour (http://vancouver.modernhometours.com) has been hosting modern residential architecture tours all over the US. They are coming to Canada for the first time this year. This year the tour is featuring FNDA residential property Rosebery, along with several other homes. See the website for more information.

The basic idea is that the tour is self-paced and self-driven meaning there's no specific schedule tour-goers have to follow. The tour-goers, equipped with a map can just navigate themselves to all of the homes on the tour at their own pace during the tour window (11am-5pm) on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

How you can attend:

Advance tickets are on sale through FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 AT 8:00 PM for $30 each. The link to purchase is here: http://vancouver.modernhometours.com/tickets/

Enter the promo code FNDA to receive an additional $5.00 off the tour.

Note that Modern Homes Tour donates $5.00 from each tickets sold to Aunt Leah’s Place (a non-profit organization that helps foster kids and young mothers with housing).

We hope to see you there!